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About us

Who are we?

We are Dutch Rivièra, a true Dutch company that is passionate about outdoor living. With us is a growing number of people who appreciate their outdoor area and improve its appearance with exclusive and luxurious furniture of Dutch Rivièra. In doing so, they also treat themselves to unrivaled comfort and elegance. Custom-made, handmade Dutch quality is the best way to describe us. We are an open no-nonsense company. You can always contact us via the contact form, mail or phone.

Our origin

Around 15 years ago we began as an upholsterer. We gained a lot of expertise as an upholsterer as we experienced first-hand how furniture is put together. Using the experience, we started making our own furniture 10 years ago and thus Dutch Rivièra was born. In the early stages, we continuously made improvements to our products. After a while we had a quality piece of furniture, but we kept on improving this which resulted in an even better product. Similarly, we searched for the best composition of high-quality materials and fabrics for our products. Eventually, through these improvements on the products and the search for the best materials, we developed beautiful products that are quality products in every way.

What we stand for

We stand for embracing the outdoors for its beauty. We bring the feeling of ‘going on a vacation’ to your own garden. A garden should be a haven of peace. We help by providing this, for anyone who appreciates the outdoors and values luxurious exclusive quality daybeds.

We are always involved, from production to delivery. We make sure that everything is professionally and properly done. Our company has short lines of communication and we work without a brokering agent. As a result of the direct delivery of daybeds, you get more value for your money.

We, Dutch Rivièra, want to provide everyone who appreciates the outdoors and values comfortable lounging the opportunity to do so by producing quality and exclusive daybeds.