Lounging as it was intended

Circular garden daybed

The quality daybeds of LuxioLounge are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands. One of these luxurious daybeds is the circular garden day bed. This daybed offers a luxurious relaxation and will bring elegance and ambience to your pool. We are customer-oriented and make sure we satisfy the needs of our customers to the best of our abilities. The luxurious circular daybed garden is a piece of furniture that will give your outdoor living a stylish and beautiful look.Read more

Lounge in comfort

To give your garden an ultra-modern and aesthetic appeal is not easy and that is why the circular garden day bed is designed to be contemporary and sleek. We have quality daybeds of different sizes and colors. The most common colors for our exclusive circular garden daybed are white, light grey and anthracite, but we have a couple of other colors too. The circular garden daybed has seating height of 45 cm and a diameter of 200 cm.

The ideal circular garden daybed

Our exclusive daybeds are made using quality fabric that is supported on a stainless steel frame. There are daybeds with a seat function that enables you to sit or read comfortably. Our exclusive circular garden day bed will not only let you enjoy the calmness of your pool, but also offers you an uninterrupted sighting. Our circular daybed garden will offer you somewhere to rest, relax and unwind. If you are looking to upgrade the exterior of your home, then look no further than us.