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Production process


The production process of our products begins right after the customer has made their order. The preferences of the customer are added to the purchase agreement and the production process begins. You will likely speak with a member of our team. We take the demands and wishes of the customer into high consideration. Contact us, so we can elaborate further on the process of buying.


The creation of the frame is the first step in the production of our daybeds. A welder welds a stainless steel frame. The precise work of welding, grinding and finishing the stainless steel frame is all done by hand.


For our round daybeds, the frame will be bent to get the perfect shape. This will be done by a specialized bending machine.


Standardly, the stainless steel frame will then be coated twice. The coating is done by covering the frame with a mixture of substances under pressure. More specifically, the frame is blasted with Swarovski glass and then coated within 24 hours to obtain maximum adhesion. This double coating makes the daybeds more resilient and weather resistant. Additionally, less maintenance is needed for our customers.


The quality fabric used in our cover is then cut out. Afterward, our seamstresses sew this fabric into a cover for the cushion. This is done with care and expertise, resulting in an exquisitely made cover. Then the cover will be attached to a processed high resilience foam, finishing the part of the daybed that ensures a comfortable lying position.


The final step is to assemble the daybed. This is done carefully and professionally. After the finishing touches, the daybed is ready for delivery.



All that is left is the delivery. We make sure that the daybeds are carefully packed so that they are not damaged during transport.