Lounging as it was intended

Wide outdoor chaise lounge

As more people are appreciating the importance of outdoor living, so should you. Our outdoor chaise lounge wide daybed is the perfect piece of furniture to have in your garden. Here at LuxioLounge we design and manufacture our quality daybeds. Our company is customer-oriented and we boast of an excellent service of meeting the needs of our customers. Our wide outdoor chaise lounge daybed will bring elegance and an aesthetic look into your pool.Read more

The ideal lounge feeling

Just like its name suggests the outdoor wide chaise lounge daybed is wide in its design. Our exclusive daybeds are of different designs, sizes and colors. The most common colors for our outdoor chaise lounge wide daybeds are light grey, anthracite and white, but there are a handful of other colors too. The outdoor wide chaise lounge daybeds comes in the following sizes: 140 x 200 x 45 cm, 160 x 200 x 45 cm and 180 x 200 x 45 cm. For the extra-large daybed, we have 200 x 200 x 45 cm. You only need to choose a luxurious wide outdoor chaise lounge daybed that will suit you and your family.

Elegantly designed wide outdoor chaise lounge daybed

Our outdoor wide chaise lounge daybeds are made of quality fabric. The main components making up our exclusive daybeds are a stainless steel frame, a headrest pillow and luxurious padded cushion. With the use of the pillow, you can create a wonderful position to read your favourite book or just relax. The luxurious padded cushion is filled with a high resilience foam to give our customers luxurious comfort. We have daybeds with a seating function through which you can move the headrest pillow and achieve a comfortable sitting posture. Bring elegance and stylish luxury to your pool with our outdoor chaise lounge wide daybed.