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Round daybed


This luxurious and modern round daybed lets you relax and lounge in style. Apart from the capabilities of all our daybeds to offer unrivaled comfort while lying down, the round daybed also offers a comfortable sitting position. This is because of an extra part on the stainless steel frame and an adjustable headrest pillow. With a simple movement, you can adjust the headrest pillow thus providing your back with a comfortable backrest. The round daybed is resistant to sun, salt and weather influences. This is due to the high-quality materials which make up the core of the round daybed. A modern and sleek design characterizes the daybeds of Dutch Rivièra and this is also the case for the round daybed. The magnificent handmade round daybed will seamlessly fit in your outdoor area.

The core

The core of the round daybed is a sturdy stainless steel frame and more specifically stainless steel 316. To get the round shape, the frame is bent using a specialized machine. An extra part on the frame is mounted to enable a pleasant sitting posture. Additionally, the frame is coated twice. This makes the daybed more resistant to the influences of the weather and more durable. Furthermore, relatively little maintenance is needed.

The cover of the round daybed consists of a quality high resilience cool foam (HR 35).

Standardly, the cover of the round daybed comprises stylish and sturdy artificial leather, named skai cool colors. This fabric is designed for the outdoors and remains relatively cool when in the sun. The skai cool color fabric is resistant to UV radiation, oil, sea and chlorinated water. You can pick the color that will suit your taste from a variety of options.

The extras

A couple of delightful extras, are delivered with the round daybed. An ergonomic adjustable head pillow and a set of decorative cushions come with the round daybed. This ensures that the round daybed is very comfortable. Thanks to its design and clean lines, the round daybed is also stunning to look at. Additionally, all daybeds are delivered with a protective cover and a cleaning kit.


Since the frame is double-coated, there is no need to grease it. You can clean the daybed with the included cleaning kit. Thanks to the high-quality materials, this daybed is very durable. As a result, you can enjoy this daybed for many years. The protective cover can be used to further protect the daybed against the influences of the weather.

Round daybed

Diameter: 200 cm Price on request


  • Everything is handmade with luxurious comfort in mind
  • Offers seating options
  • Stainless steel frame that is coated twice
  • High resilience cool foam
  • Artificial leather which remains relatively cool when in the sun
  • Contemporary and sleek design
  • With free extras
  • Little maintenance is required