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Lounging as it was intended

Garden day bed

Garden daybeds are increasingly becoming more popular since more people are embracing outdoor living. A garden daybed is all you need to satisfy your peace. It gives you all the comfort you want while lying in your garden. LuxioLounge is a day bed own production company that designs and manufactures these quality daybeds in the Netherlands. This true Dutch company can meet your demands and give you value for your money. Being reputable in the industry means that we produce high-quality beds and our track record speaks for itself.Read more


Luxury daybed garden

To help you lounge outside in comfort in your garden, pool or outdoor is a daybed garden that will take your relaxation to a whole new level. Whichever garden day bed you are looking for we have got you covered, whether it is a regular day bed or the ones that have a seat function. Our outdoor day beds will suit every kind of space. We have day beds with seat functions that will add more comfort while sitting.

The ideal garden daybed

Nothing makes a statement about your outdoor living than these quality beds. Though simple, with elegant designs they will bring ambience and luxurious comfort to your garden terrace. These exclusive quality beds will make you spend more time enjoying the calmness of your garden regardless of whether you are at home or somewhere else. LuxioLounge is a true Dutch company with years of producing these exclusive and quality daybeds. Our garden day beds will seamlessly fit in your garden, pool or outdoor. You can take our word for it. With a wide range of styles, we have every day bed that is best suited to your space.